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What will happen now in france

French museums 'should return looted art treasures to Africa' 'I discovered this little girl in the bottom of the trunk, naked, next to a rotten cradle,' mechanic who. French headlines, politics and culture on news channel France REPORTERS. Reporters: What do France's 'Yellow Vest' protesters want? DR Congo. All the latest news about France from the BBC. France's interior minister warns that "radical elements" could gather at planned weekend protests. Read more.

Paris announces it will CLOSE the Eiffel Tower due to anti-government riots as French PM Edouard Philippe announced 'the tax is now abandoned' on. Festivals, exhibitions, concerts and major events On and everywhere in France, there's always something going on. ANALYSIS: The revolution didn't happen but Macron and the 'yellow vests' must now get Now it's personal: What the yellow vests want is Macron on his knees . OPINION: Macron beware, France's 'yellow vest' rebels will not retreat easily.

1 day ago The yellow revolution might not have happened but President Emmanuel Macron would be foolish to think the crisis in France has passed, writes John didn't happen but Macron and the 'yellow vests' must now get serious. 20 hours ago Macron to appeal to French in wake of latest violent protests. Published: AM Paris on lockdown for gilets jaunes protests – as it happened. Armoured ' May was a revolution – now the violence is just frightening'. Published: Who are the gilets jaunes and what do they want? What began as. 1 day ago That said yes, it can happen here. Here's three key reason why we should be paying closer attention to France, even with the American. Selected Articles: What Will Happen to France Now that Macron is Elected? By Global Research News. Global Research, May 08,

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